Make the Most of SMS for VBS

Hard at work organizing your upcoming VBS series? Are you looking for a way to effectively communicate with potential attendees and volunteers? Text messaging is a natural way to stay in touch, improve communication and save time.

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Our practical guide cues you into how to communicate before, during, and after your VBS event. Things like advertising the event, asking for help and donations, keeping everyone up-to-date, using our keyword capture feature for feedback and fun activities (contests, polling, etc.), keeping the relationship, and those important ‘thank yous’. 

What You'll Learn

Target the Right Audience

Your text messages won't speak to anyone if they speak to everyone. Learn the three audiences you should target and how to hone your messages for maximum effect.

Call your Team to Action

Learn the exact texts you can send to drive action and communicate more effectively. Copy and paste the texts included for quick, easy and relevant communication.

Focus on the results

VBS is already stressful. Find the time to focus on what really matters by automating most of your communication needs.

Bring more people to Christ

We spend hundreds of dollars on VBS. Rightly so, as it's one of the biggest forms of outreach to our community. Learn how you can easily create a VBS follow-up campaign.

Results Churches Are Seeing after Implementing our Suggestions

Small, medium, large, mega, traditional, modern and everything in between are all raving about how our guides helped save time and relieve stress.

The text message Bible study invites are working great! We saw a huge increase from 5-6 to 10-12 and the numbers stayed consistent."

ZEKE VAS | Pastor

"Text messaging is the preferred communication channel for [our] club. It takes a lot less time, and everyone gets the message. "

Julie | Kids Club Director

"Love When we finished our evangelistic meeting in Houston, 70% of those who were baptized communicated with me through had a big influence."

Wyatt Allen | Evangelist

Implemented by these Churches

Check out our FREE guide for real examples of how to engage your volunteers and VBS participants.

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